Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot Bar or Bat Mitzvahs? Absolutely! In fact, I LOVE THEM. There is something so special to walk along side a family to document such a monumental time in their family's life. Most Bar (Bat) Mitzvah clients work with me to get a casual family session, rehearsal photographs at the temple, and then the big ParTY!

How many weddings have you photographed?  I have over tens years of photographing weddings and have photographed over 200 weddings. I've seen a lot and spend almost every weekend at weddings, so if you have an idea or question - I'm all ears and most likely have seen it!

How soon should we book you for our wedding or event?  The best answer is ASAP, I work on a first come, first serve basis. Most people inquire between 18 months and 1 year before their wedding date. I do book up often a year in advance, so the earlier the better. However, I do often book weddings and events with different circumstances very close to their date (intimate weddings, elopements, changes of plans, smaller gatherings, etc). It never hurts to ask! Once your deposit is put down the date is all yours.

Can I see a whole event or wedding from start to finish? Absolutely! I pride myself on being able to capture the whole day in a variety of possibly challenging locations. I think it's very important that photography clients do their homework and see how photographers work in a variety of settings and not just the most ideal. Shoot me an email and let me know what type of event you want to see and I'll send a full gallery. I've photographed a variety of places/settings from the very asthetically challenged to the gorgeous sandy beaches of the Caribbean. Honestly, YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES are the stars of your photographs so we can make literally ANYWHERE work (yes that includes dark churches and basements and wine cellars). I'm game! 

Do you travel?  Traveling is one of my very favorite things. Ever. I travel often and LOVE to incorporate work when I go. This year I'll be in Paris and Madrid in case you have any plans there! No place is to crazy or far, so if you're planning something, I want to hear about it! I've photographed weddings in London, Dominican Republic and in many states (Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, Minnesota, Virginia, Maryland) and all around the state of Michigan.

Do you have some good ideas about where to photograph us?  OH BOY, DO I EVER! I live for new places, being creative, seeing things in a new way - I can handle all of that! That being said part of that creative process is some preparation but mostly on the fly creativity. I don't need to visit a venue/location before your wedding/event to scope it out. BUT, I will absolutley show up early and get my brain going on the perfect places, light, etc. That's my job and I love it.

What if we can't meet in person with you before our wedding/event?  No problem at all! I often work with couples by having phone or video meetings leading up to their event that book me without meeting in person. I know lives get busy and if you're out of town or planning a destination wedding we can work around that.

How many images can I expect?  I average giving about 100 images (full edited and ready to print) per hour that I shoot. And guess what? I give you a duplicate copy of in Black and White, I love love love black and white images.

How do I know how much photography coverage I need?  Once you inquire about your wedding or event we will set up a time to go over what you have planned and what you'd like to have captured. In that conversation we'll have a very good idea of how many hours you might need, what type of coverage you want and will be able to move forward. Remember I shoot events all the time, so I have a great idea of how long things take, I'm happy to help you walk through that.

When can I expect the images?  Typically you can expect your images 4-6 weeks after your wedding/event. They will go LIVE in an online gallery (that you can share with family and friends) and the USB drive with all of the images and black and white copies will arrive to you via Fedex soon after that.

Will we be having you cover our wedding/event?  Absolutely! I am the primary shooter and you'll always have ME! Some collections include a second shooter and I'm lucky enough to have a dedicated second shooter who shoots with me 99% of the time. We make a stellar team and she's been working with me exclusively for more than 5 years.

Are our final images watermarked? Absolutely not! Anything you see online of my work (IG, FB, Pinterest, etc) are watermarked to protect my work from being stolen.

Can I print images on my own? What you are purchasing when you pay for my services are the Printing Rights to your images. As the creator of the images I own the copyright but give you a license to print them on your own. Yes, they're all yours to Print and Share! They will be all glorious and beautiful and all yours to keep/print/share Forever!

How do I book a wedding/event?  After we meet and if you decide you'd love to book my services (hooray!) I will draw up an online contract that you can fill out from anywhere. I will then invoice you for the retainer fee, once that's paid I'm all yours and the date is booked!

How do we pay the retainer fee (deposit)?  I will invoice you online (it will arrive to your email inbox) this is a link that can be paid with any major credit card/debit card. Super easy (and hooray for racking up some reward points!)! I do accept checks if you prefer to snail mail that to me instead.


Do you have something I haven't answered? Shoot me an email, I look forward to hearing from you!