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FOOTBALL! M-GoBlue! | Billy & Kelsie's Ann Arbor Wedding

Meet Billy & Kelsie. PURE MICHIGAN. Two small town kids from Ypsilanti. Billy grew up playing sports and went on to play college ball in Kansas City. Shortly after college he met gorgeous Kelsie. He came back home and found work in Athletics. Kelsie studied Pre-Med at University of Michigan and is now pursuing a career as a Physicians Assistant. She also loves sports and is a runner. They both share a passion for health and athletics. On August 11, 2012 they stood together with brothers, sisters, close friends and families to begin their married life together in St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Billy & Kelsie really make an awesome team. They are one of the most considerate and kind couples I've met. They are the kind of people that lives of Gratitude and Service. Their wedding day was heartfelt and magical for many reasons, but mostly because of the lives Billy & Kelsie lead. They have supportive family and in turn have loved and supported many friends along their own personal journeys.

I also need to make an important note - Kelsie wore her Mother's wedding dress. Isn't it amazing? She had it tailored to her needs, what an amazing gesture and such a lovely moment in their day. Her Dad stood at the reception and noted how amazing it was to see their daughter wear the same dress his bride wore. Love that.

Billy and Kelsie - thanks for being you. I wish you many wonderful years together. (and thank you for allowing me the AWESOME opportunity to photograph you in The Big House - I'm still on Cloud 9!)


Michigan Wedding Photographer.

Church:  St John the Baptist, Ypsilanti  |  Photos:  Downtown Ypsilanti and The BIG HOUSE, UofM Stadium  |  Reception: Kensington Court Hotel, Ann Arbor