Melanie Reyes Photography


Michigan Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Portrait Photographer

late Autumn Michigan wedding | Lansing, Michigan

After much warning from Christina's sister to meet good guys outside of bars - it just so happens that Christina and John met at a Pub Crawl with their new Master's in accounting class at Michigan State University. And Christina got to prove her big sister wrong. Christina and John are an intelligent, down to earth, and hard working couple. You could tell they cherish the relationships in their lives as their wedding day was beautiful and showcased their love of the people dearest to them.

The two got married in John's home church in Portland, Michigan. The wedding party took a few pictures downtown Portland and then traveled to MSU's campus for a few photographs. The reception was held at the Eagle Eye Golf Course just outside of Lansing. We had a gorgeous late autumn day with vibrant colors and a beautiful sunset.

Congratulations to the beautiful couple - may your Journey take you many places and continue to sustain your love for one another!




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