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Classic & Romantic Dexter, Michigan Wedding | Michigan Wedding Photographer

This beautiful late Autumn wedding accomplished just what the bride and groom set out to accomplish - a beautiful classic intimate gathering of family and friends. As you can see below so many many wonderful details made the day a true delight for not only the bride, groom, family and guests but especially for the photographer! Autumn leaves, pumpkin donuts, BHLDN wedding dress (wow!), a beautiful blue ring, a historic mansion, a cozy farm and tent reception, and to top it all off a bride's tambourine skills and groom's harmonica skills! The ceremony was held at the bride's childhood Church, St Joseph's in Dexter, Michigan. The bridal party snuck away between ceremony and reception to the historic Gordon Hall Mansion before joining guests back at the bride's childhood home for outdoor and under tent festivities. The band, Rare Blend, did a great job of stepping up the party a notch after dinner where practically everyone was out on the dance floor having a great time. The pouring rain outside the tent while we danced - that went unnoticed :) The party and people stole the show.

Congratulations to Carson & Ellen on a beautiful wedding day to begin their married lives together.

Here's to more beautiful autumn weddings! (I just ADORE them!)  ~Melanie


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