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David & Esther | May 2012 Detroit, Michigan Wedding

I have known Esther for a long time - since we were both kids going to summer camp! She is loaded with bubbling-over, love for laughs and life - Personality. She is a courageous social worker, helping all sorts of people on their walk of life. David arrived on the scene a few years back, and together they make an awesome, grounded, love for life pair. I love so many things about their wedding: the snazzy charcoal suits the boys wore, Esther's one strap dress, beautiful navy bridesmaid dresses with a splash of pink for flowers, a Detroit wedding on Washington Blvd at St Aloysius Catholic Church and their love of cactus that they included in the reception details (and cake!). I'm so happy to share this beautiful wedding with you all. As I post this, I'm still longing for a warm spring wedding!

Happy viewing! Leave some love for David & Esther in the comments!

Love,  Melanie

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