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Scott & Becca's Wedding | Congregation B'Nai Moshe Bloomfield, Michigan Part I of II

  I'm really excited to show you all this beautiful Jewish wedding I photographed this past March. Scott and Becca are a wonderful couple, easy to work with and extremely gracious people that are well loved!

I wanted to take some time to share some of the historical traditions tied into a traditional Jewish Wedding because they are so beautiful and joyous (as you'll see!). The first part of the day there were many people scurrying about Congregation B'Nai Moshe to prepare bride and groom for the beautiful day. It was a cool and crisp March day in Michigan, but wow were we graced with gorgeous sunlight. Amazing!

The first ceremony that took place is called the BADEKEN. Just prior to the actual wedding ceremony, which takes place under the chuppah, the bridegroom, accompanied by his parents, the Rabbi, and other dignitaries, and amidst joyous singing of his friends, covers the bride's face with a veil. At this point it is traditional for the Rabbi to pronounce a blessing upon the couple.

As you can see in this photo it was an amazing event to photograph (and I wish I could show you video, don't worry they got that too!). Their incredibly joyous friends first accompanied the bride to the room where the Badeken was going to take place.; singing and dancing the bride into the room to meet her groom. The bride and parents held spots up front while the joyous guests greeted them (and complimented how lovely she looked!).

Once the bride was settled the groom's friends and family sang and danced Him into the room to see his bride for the first time. I just love their expressions, such rejoicing! Once the crowd settled there was a time to sign the ketubah (the Jewish marriage agreement), a time to bless the bride and groom, and lastly - for the groom to place the Veil on his new bride.

Directly following the Badeken the whole group moved into the synagogue for the ceremony under the chuppah. Becca's three little nieces were beautiful flower girls and I loved that they attacked Scott in a giant bear hug when they got to the front of the aisle. So sweet! The ceremony begins with Becca circling the groom 7 times, another tradition.

I love a beautiful wedding steeped in tradition! Thanks for allowing me the chance to show you and tell you all about it. Up in a few days - the rest of this joyous celebration including lots and lots of fun dancing!


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