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Michael & Anna :: An Ann Arbor Destination Wedding

Michael and Anna met during their days at the University of Michigan. Michael is from Kansas, Anna from Wisconsin. So although they could have chosen other places they decided to have their wedding where it all began, in the heart of campus in Ann Arbor. Logistical challenges aside (planning a wedding from 3 different states in a state where no one resided) their wedding ended up a fantastic Michigan destination wedding. Guest stayed just outside of campus at Weber's Inn, the ceremony  was held at St Mary's Student Parish on campus and the guests and bridal party were able to walk to the reception at The University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA). From the start Michael and Anna let me know that they cared most about the portraits of the close friends and family gathered for their wedding. Anna, an exceptionally poised and no-fuss bride, was simple ecstatic to be marrying her sweetheart with family and friends by her side. Their calm demeanor made for an elegant day and an extremely intimate affair. I loved that.

I especially loved the fact that they wanted to do the formal family photographs at the Museum. It made for a perfect setting for all those images. If you've ever considered having your wedding/reception at UMMA let me tell you it's Amazing. Your guests get to admire and appreciate the whole museum as you have it after hours just for your guests. The tables were all set up and decorated and look gorgeous in the large semi-circle atrium and the dance floors at the first steps into the museum by the front door.

Thanks, Michael and Anna, for having me along to document your wedding. Congratulations as you start your life together! Best wishes!


Webers Inn Ann Arbor

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St Mary's Student Parish


Ann Arbor Wedding

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