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Dan + Lindsey | Ann Arbor Wedding Photography

Dan and Lindsey are a beautiful, quiet and confident, and loyal couple. They are grounded in life - their relationship and their vocation. When I first sat down with Lindsey to discuss wedding photography she said, "Melanie, I've been waiting for this and I've saved and want You to be the photographer - no matter what." I was blown away, and extremely honored that they were so intent on having me capture their day. I realized throughout the whole wedding planning process that Lindsey was very prepared and detail oriented. I think you'll absolutely LOVE the things she put together to create an exquisite and fun celebration. You'll see below - one of the cutest details is that as they are both medical professionals they decided to have their guests write out a Prescription for marriage. I just Love the idea, and think it would be such a fun thing to compile and save for a life time, so great!

To Dan and Lindsey - my warmest wishes to you both as you start out your life together.

All the best,

Melanie   |  Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer  | Christ the King Catholic Church | Nogginz Salon in Chelsea, MI | Downtown Northville | Northville Golf Club | The Adam Plomaritis Band

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