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Cottonwood Barn Styled Shoot | Wedding Vendor Collaboration | Melanie Reyes Photography

This stunning "Vintage to Vogue" inspired Styled Shoot at Cottonwood Barn in Dexter, MI, was designed and orchestrated by Kaeli Garcia of Luna Soiree Events.  Alongside planning their Grand Opening Event, Kaeli was inspired to create a styled shoot, drawing on transformation: the rich, awe-inspiring colors of Autumn in Michigan, and the restoration of this breathtaking property.

 "I wanted to pay homage to the old vintage barn it used to be, and highlight the gorgeous, elegant and very vogue finishes that were the result of an amazing renovation. On Tuesday, we got to put it all together, with a style shoot in the afternoon, and the event in the evening-- it was all pretty darn fabulous!"

Cottonwood Barn is creating quite a buzz with brides-to-be and wedding and event professionals in southeastern Michigan. I hope these images help you appreciate the extent to which Laura and Dan Waitz (Cottonwood owners) have gone to create an exquisite, truly one of a kind venue. Cottonwood is a year-round event venue in Dexter where they are able to host a wide array of events - from weddings/receptions and bar/bat mitzvah's to fundraisers, corporate and school events, etc. Showings are schedule by appointment only. Please inquire at

A big thank you to all the vendors who contributed to this beautiful style shoot. It's such a wonderful experience being part of a group of people that provide top notch services and products to the area wedding industry. A special thanks to our amazing and gorgeous models!



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Event Design, Planning & Coordination - Luna Soiree Events

Venue - Cottonwood Barn

Catering - Mélange

Flowers - Red Poppy Floral Design

Melanie Reyes Photography

Dayna Mae Photography

Linens - Chair Covers and Linens

Rentals - A1 Rental
Vintage Rentals - Serradella Vintage
Music - Elysium Entertainment
Stationery, Print & Artistic Design - ElliBell Creative
Wedding Gown - White Arbor Bridal
Hello! Ice Cream - Dessert Favors
LaJolla Jewelers - Rings
Hair & Make-up - Sharla Mohney Bridal

Grand Opening Event Sponsored by ABC Chapter: