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Proposal Photography | My Own Proposal Story

The night my husband and I got engaged was unforgettable - and he really did surprise me. He had just flown in from Mexico where he was visiting his ailing Grandfather. I picked him up late at DCA Airport and was really glad to reconnect after his trip (the main reason why I never thought he'd propose that night!). We decided to go have a bite to eat and hang out for a bit in one of our favorite spots, Georgetown. Our very first date was in Georgetown - and while we dated I was finishing school at George Mason University in Virginia. Georgetown was a fun excursion from NoVa and we loved it's European feel. We headed to The Tombs and he got his favorite; a milkshake. I probably made some comment about his milkshake (I'm not a big fan) - and I probably ordered my regular, a good old Pint of beer. See milkshakes were important in our relationship - the night he asked me to start dating he had ordered a milkshake - and shared his whole theory of milkshakes. (Theory: Milkshakes are the best drinks to have when you need to have a thought provoking, intense, or challenging conversation. Why?, well because of the natural pauses a milkshake invokes. Ha! - love my man and his theories). The foreshadowing that evening when he ordered his milkshake was lost on me. Another tradition we had was attending Mass at the Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown at their 11:15 pm candlelit service on campus. It's such a serene, peaceful and beautiful way to end a day. So after our drinks we headed to the chapel.

Then...after sitting on a bench in front of the chapel the conversation turned to our relationship, the gift of what we had found in one another -- and that's when I had a suspicion what was about to happen.  The moment. The question. The beginning of forever...(see our photo below!). Gosh, I just love BEGINNINGS - facing the unknown, with all of it's potential. I've enjoyed twelve wonderful years (thus far) with a man that I'm so proud and blessed to have by my side.

Have you considered whether to have your proposal documented? Photographs of that unforgettable moment, preserved forever for generations to see.  Contact me to discuss (or drop some hints to girlfriends to tell your guy to call me!)

Best, Melanie

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