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An Ann Arbor American - Indian Wedding | Wedding Photographer

There is so much I could say about this amazing day, and an amazing couple.This wedding day celebrated a small town Michigan Catholic school girl from Ann Arbor who while studying in St Mary's College in South Bend, IN happened upon a young man who hailed all the way from India but who had studied at MIT in Michigan and was working in Indiana. They are such a dynamic pair, the way that they attack life is inspiring.

The couple did such a beautiful job combining their ethnic and religious traditions, to celebrate their pasts that joined together as they began their future. The day began at the Eagle Crest Marriott where I was able to capture both bride and groom making preparations before heading to church. The ceremony was beautiful - at Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor where Sarah family attends. Sarah's father, a deacon in the church, officiated the wedding.

It's worth noting that Sarah & Varun paid special attention to honor Sarah's niece who lost her battle to cancer a little over a year before. I knew Bridget the Brave, a wonderful little girl with a heart so big and bravery unmatched. Bridget loved zebras so Sarah had her bouquet wrapped in zebra print ribbon. Bridget was on all of our hearts and minds throughout the day - and I was so pleasantly surprised to walk into the hotel and see right outside of their reception hall a framed print of a vase/flowers - the vase was zebra print. Bridget watched over the day and it was beautiful to see the reminders of her that day.

The celebration, oh my, the celebration. You'll see in the photos it was an epic affair that included amazing details such as ice sculptures, elephant place card holders, gorgeous bouquets, shimmering backdrops and purple uplighting. Saline Big Band started the night off with amazing live music. Two special groups shared their talents at the reception: Sarah's niece's Irish Dancing team and Varun's friends performing a modern Indian dance. It was such a joy to see so much dancing and celebration - both traditions mixing together and sharing in the fun.

Lastly (and most importantly), Sarah & Varun are a couple that love fully. The wedding was evidence of that - the amazing relationships that they have with family and friends filled the room with love and joy. Sarah & Varun are certainly making the world a better place, and as a couple their impact will be even greater. The love and respect they show for everyone - from leaders to the poor - is an inspiration for many. I think many would agree with me when I say that when I spend time with them I feel encouraged to live and love deeper!

Enough words. On to the beautiful images of their wedding day! Enjoy!

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