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Michigan Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Portrait Photographer

Ann Arbor & Inn at St John's Summer Wedding

The color palette for this wedding was enough to make me squeal - but add on to that the bride with the biggest smile, her adoring husband, and the fact that I've photographed both families for years - well, the squeal factor was Epic. I adore an understated neutral wedding color scheme. The day began at Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor. It was a very windy early autumn September day. The families were abustle finishing the final touches on all things pre-ceremony. Josh & Theresa exchanged thoughtful wedding gifts to one another (delivered by some pretty sweet little sisters and nieces) - an engraved travel journal for their honeymoon and a sweet necklace that reads, "I do." The day was here - the beginning of a couple joined together for the journey of life.

Have I already mentioned that Theresa has Joy. Elation. These two were ready to say "I do" and it showed. I loved the way they honored so many siblings in their bridal party, it was a fun group up for just about anything (especially a good time). The bridal party went downtown Ann Arbor where we had special access to Martha Cook dormitory, where Theresa lived while at UofM. Martha Cook is so stunning, I could have stayed all day! I think you'll love seeing those photos below, great people in a great space!

Knowing that the wedding party was in all grey I decided a week before the ceremony that it would be fun to incorporate a fun colorful prop into a bridal party photo. I was so happy to find a crown making kit in Paper Source that seemed like the perfect fit for this fun bridal party and their color palette. Hands down one of my favorite photo series of 2013 - bridal party meets Royal Crowns. Simple. Fun. Beautiful.

The whole bridal party then stopped into Zingerman's Deli for a coffee (that was quite a site!) and a photo at one of the couple's favorite date spots. #welovezingermans

The celebration continued at The Inn at St John's in a beautiful ballroom, wonderful dancing, and continued smiles from a handsome couple. I adore this couple - humble, loving, and kind beautiful people that have found their partner. They make a perfect pair. Thanks for having me along to document your amazing day.

Love, Melanie

Vendors:  Church:  Christ the King Catholic Church  |  Reception: Inn at St John's Plymouth, MI  |  Flowers: Dexter Hearts & Flowers  |  Cake: Pastry Palace  |  Hair & Makeup:  Brown and Deline  |  Dress: Alfred Angelo  |  DJ: DJ Sam Johnson

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