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She Said YES | Erica & Gabriel Ann Arbor Engagement

Erica & Gabriel have a story that I'm bursting to tell, but today is not the time for all of it. Today, I'll start off by saying how I met them, and why you need to follow along this year to hear more about this love story. As you may know, I'm a volunteer with The Bride's Project, a non-profit in Ann Arbor that sells Loved wedding gowns - 100% of the proceeds go to The Cancer Support Community of Ann Arbor. I have been nothing but honored to be apart of this organization. The Cancer Support Community helps those families and friends affected by cancer - whether you're the one with cancer, or you need support when you sister, brother, father, mother, son, daughter receives the diagnosis. It's a community that meets the needs of those affected by cancer in so many ways offering everything from support groups to yoga and eveyrthing in between.

Back to Erica. Erica walked into a Trunk Sale we were having with The Brides Project - a room full of gorgeous hanging gowns, teams of volunteers to meet and greet brides ready to Say Yes to the Dress. Erica had driven all the way from Kalamazoo in a snow storm to try on dresses. From the moment I met her I knew she must have a wonderful story to tell - as she was warm, receptive and so darn excited about The Bride's Project and it's mission. As Erica tried on some dresses we heard bits and pieces of her story - a fiance affected by cancer - and how excited she was to be potentially buying her dream dress to help someone else affected by cancer.

This was a story that I longed to tell. A wedding day that I really really wanted to document and be apart of - both for the story that will help so many in The Bride's Project's reach but also I could tell that she was eager to share their story. And I didn't even know the half of it then...

Gabriel has an amazing story. A story of being stopped in his tracks as a youth at the beginning of his adult life - by cancer. His story his one of struggle leading to victory. It's a story of how he allowed the illness to give him courage to pursue a (new) dream. I'm so beyond thrilled to share this engagement story and tell you that I can't wait to share the entire story with you come October as it unfolds at their wedding day.

Much Love, Melanie


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