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Isaac & Liz | Ann Arbor, Michigan Love Story

Isaac & Liz met through some friends one evening in Ypsilanti, Michigan. They immediately had lots (and Lots) to talk about and found they shared so many things in common. The interesting part of their story is that Isaac was actually being set up that night with none other than Liz's best friend. After that evening with lots of good conversation and peeked interest from both of them, the set up was canned and Liz and Isaac became inseparable. Not only did they discover they shared so much in common but they realized their lives intersecting through many of the same people and like most small town USA stories it was a wonder their paths hadn't crossed until now. The first thing you notice about Liz when you meet her is her infectious smile and her absolute love for life. I knew Liz's Mom before I knew Liz and for sure someone follows her Mom's footsteps in that regard. With their absolute love for life and especially the people placed in their path it's no wonder that the wedding day was Joyous, Heartfelt and filled with many people with a strong love for Liz & Isaac.

The wedding ceremony took place at the same church where her Grandmother and Mother(Father) were married! How wonderful is that? First United Methodist Church of Ypsilanti is a beautiful church with stain glass windows all around. The reception took place at Liz's Alma Mater - University of Michigan in the Union Ballroom.

Church: First United Methodist, Ypsilanti

Flowers: Red Poppy Floral

Reception and Catering: University of Michigan Union Ballroom

Cakes: Gwen's Cake in Saline, MI

Wedding Gown: Maggie Soterro

Bridemaids Dresses:  Alfred Sung

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