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Saying Goodbye | Family Lifestyle Photographer

Today this house is full of boxes and movers. It's a sad closing of a great chapter to this beautiful family's life. You've probably experienced this - saying Goodbye to a house. It's not just a house. It's your Home. It's where you were born, or where you brought your children home from the hospital. It's the corner that caused your little girl's forehead to split open and need stitches. It's cuddles on the couch, sunrises over cups of coffees, and sunsets with a glass of wine and your best friend. To say goodbye to this space I decided it needed more than a few photographs. It needed to show the LIFE that lived in this space: the 9 children that came in and out, jumped and played, and laughed. Enjoy this little animated Gif (linking of still images) that captures just that.

Love you, O'Meara family! Thank you for allowing me to capture you over these last 5 years. It's been a great joyย and honor.

Love, Melanie


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