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Kelly + Tim | A Musical Ann Arbor Wedding

Meet Kelly + Tim. Two musicians. Two teachers. Two wonderfully warm individuals, when working as a team are all the more amazing. Two things really stood out to me on their wedding day. First, the sounds, the beautiful sounds. An orchestra full of family and friends delighted us at the wedding ceremony. During the cocktail hour we enjoyed the melodies of a talented trio. The reception included talented friends during dinner performing music as well as live performances during the First Dances from the bride herself and her siblings. So many many beautiful sounds graced their day! Second, the warmth and love felt on their wedding day was to me a strong witness to the warmth and love that Kelly & Tim have for those around them. You can see Kelly & Tim constantly reaching out, helping, guiding those around them, even on their wedding day. Anyone that knows this pair has felt that incredible kindness, I'm sure. They LOVE people, they LOVE life.

So to Kelly & Tim - much Joy to you as you begin your journey together!  Love, Melanie

Also a note about the Dress that you'll surely LOVE.

"Wedding Dress: we took my moms dress that was from 1975 and designed by Priscilla Kidder (known as Priscilla of Boston) She designed wedding dresses for Nixons daughters and Lyndon B. Johnson's daughters as well as Grace Kelly's bridesmaids dresses. I'll send you a picture of the dress from Brides Magazine in 1974. We took the dress to designer Jules Joyner (in St. Clair Shores, MI) who altered it to more fit my style) basically, the skirt is completely the same and and she built a new bodice and took the lace and put it back over.)"

Wedding Ceremony:  Zion Lutheran Church  |  Reception Site: Cobblestone Farms  |  Pies: Achatz  |  Catering: Moveable Feast  |  Flowers: Enchanted Florist  |  Trio: The Moxie Strings

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