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Ann Arbor Weller's Wedding | Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

Patrick and Melisa. An Ann Arbor Summer Wedding: My heart swells with how amazing their wedding was - for a completely lovely and gracious couple that deserved all the love and care on their wedding day. Their joy and love is so evident in these images.

Some highlights for me included: *Shooting at Weller's in Saline for the first time. What a beautiful location! *Melisa's Brother sang "You're my Best Friend" by Queen for the first dance - sweetest thing ever! *Dancing was AWESOME with full participation from everyone, loved that! *I saw several former wedding clients - and their babies (or bumps) which always makes me sooooo happy! *Partly outdoor reception was perfect - gorgeous weather and plenty of room for guests to roam (and take photos!)


Church: Christ the King, Ann Arbor

Reception: Weller's in Saline, MI

Cupcake: Cupcake Station Cutting Cake: Personal Friend and Pastry Chef: Bethany Bonefant

Colors: Red (LOVED IT!)

Flowers: Enchanted Florist Ypsilanti, MI

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero from I Do Too Bridal in Plymouth, MI

Hair and Makeup: Douglas J Aveda in Ann Arbor, MI

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