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Dream Big with Gracie | Pre-Bat Mitzvah Photography

You might remember this but I absolutely LOVE shooting Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. It is an incredible time to get to know a family and walk along side them to document such an important moment in their child's life. Thirteen year olds are excited, driven, and have a passion for life - and it's fun to capture that spirit!

I worked with this family for their oldest's Bar Mitzvah and I am thrilled to be around again for Gracie's turn. Gracie decided on a theme for her Bat Mitzvah of "Dream Big" As we brainstormed for what photos we might want to do that would coordinate with that theme I was first thinking - Big City - but then thought, What about Big Night Sky?! 

I'm so happy the family went along with my crazy idea to do some of Gracie's portraits at night (atop an Ann Arbor parking garage!). I love the results.

Excited to photograph the big event next year! 

Enjoy the images - Love, Melanie.

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