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2015 Top Bling || Wedding Rings

As I was contemplating creating this post about all the gorgeous rings that we captured in 2015 I seriously hesitated. You see, weddings are about the PEOPLE - it's about the Commitment you're making to one another. The love, last a lifetime, let's say YES parts. The details they're pretty and fun to capture but it's not the show stopper. I do, however love the symbolism of a wedding ring - an outdoor sign of a commitment made, a circle for eternity.

But this post would be remiss to not include the photos of brides and grooms in that moment of giving each other that ring. So enjoy both the rings and the captured moments which can be so sweet.

Two wonderful traditions that are worth mentioning: I love seeing the RING WARMING ceremony - where the wedding rings are passed around for all the guests to touch them and pass along a blessings to the couple. Just beautiful! Second, you'll see below a photo with not one but two engagement rings together in the photo. One bride honored her late mother by incorporating both rings (both on her hands in the photos), I thought that was a beautiful way to remember her Mother and honor her memory. 

Enjoy a little bling on this fine winter day! 

Love, Melanie

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