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Beginnings: Autumn & Engagement


It's mid-late October and I'm swamped just as I know all of my fellow photographers are out there. It's Autumn and the world has exploded into pumpkins, fuzzy sweaters, and gorgeous trees. IT NEVER GETS OLD.

While each Autumn is more a race (Hurry, get all these sessions in! Pray it doesn't rain! No time to reschedule!) I do stop and enjoy Autumn each and every day. Because you know what? Even though it comes once a year - I'm IN SHOCK AND AWE every time I see it again. It's like I'm seeing it for the first time.

So while my edit list is as long as it's ever been - I can't help but share this amazing engagement session Mary Clare & Albert had at the very first peek of color back at the beginning of October. It was one of those delightfully warm early Autumn days. It was Stunning - almost as stunning as the couple in the images.

Enjoy and Stop and crunch the leaves, everyone! <3, Melanie

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