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4 Reasons to Have an Engagement Session | Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer

A lot of clients that walk through my door ready to book wedding photography services with me are not at all convinced they want or need an engagement session. I definitely sympathize - cameras are everywhere, snapshots of each other, photos a friend took at the proposal or after party - why more? Most brides and grooms are overwhelmed with the amount of time being consumed by just planning a wedding. Why should we add one more thing to the list?

Here are my reasons that after 10 years of experience and having photographed 200+ weddings I believe wholeheartedly. 

1. An Engagement Session Gives The Couple a Chance to be in Front of the Camera, Together: 

Most -- 99% or more I'd venture to guess have ever been together in front of a professional photographer. In fact, most clients I see laugh (nervously) at the beginning of the session recalling the last time they did this -- Senior Photos from High School! 

I cannot say enough GREAT things about how having the experience of taking photographs as a couple RELAXES and prepares the couple to be at peace and trust me on the wedding day. 

In fact, almost every engagement session begins with High Nerves and ends with laughing and exclamations, "Wow that was actually fun!" (Yes, even by the groom!) I can't imagine that amount of nerves in Addition to your normal wedding day nerves. You should not need to worry about Photography on your wedding day. I'm there to capture your day, your true emotion, the way you interact and that is accomplished by knowing me, having worked with me, and knowing I'll produce wonderful images.

2. An Engagement Session Gives ME (the photographer) Lots of Helper Pointers:

Getting to know the couple also helps me an incredible deal. Is the bride taller than the groom? Are they a tall couple (and I should pack a stool)? Does he or she blink a lot? Does she/he shy away from photos? What emotional interactions worked well and how did we get them to that comfortable place? 

All of these things only further prepare the photographer to create natural and emotive photographs on the wedding day. So helpful!

3. It Allows the Couple to Get Photographs in a Sentimental Place or with Fur Babies!

Many couples love the idea of getting professional photographs at the place they met, the place they went on a first date or just a place they LOVE. Sometimes we have fun guests - fur babies and even sometimes the pet bird :) (see below!) Anything that can make the photos more You, more Authentic only make them more fun to take, and wonderful memories to have. Recently I even climbed a rock wall in a climbing gym to photograph the couple doing what they Love! 

Often wedding days are so hectic or in other places that this isn't an option. I also offer engagement sessions in other places/cities/states. I've photographed couples in their "new town" (Chicago, New York City, Up North, for a few examples) while they're wedding was back in the home town. I love to travel - and love to make the photographs even more meaningful for you. 

4. It Allows the Couple to Express the Type of Photographs that Move Them. 

Once an engagement session is done I post the images in about 1-2 weeks. The next step is for the couple to choose their favorites. In picking those favorites I get a great chance to see what really moves them about photography. Are they captivated by tightly cropped images with lots of cuddling or A Big World Scene where the couple shines highlighting not just them but also the scenery? I even encourage my clients to talk me through their favorites. What do you love about this image? Having that insight gives me another opportunity to know what makes a couple tick and what they're hoping to receive from their wedding day images.

Engagement Sessions? I'm a big fan! Here are the images that visually explain the many reasons why....

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