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Cherishing Family | Wedding Photography

It is very important to me that you are gathering your family and close friends for your wedding day. They are your support, your encouragers, and your closest friends. Weddings bring families together for such a joyous occasion and it's my goal to create as many beautiful images of you together as possible. 

To ensure we capture all those relationships I spend time to get to know my clients. We discuss your family, the important relationships you have and how you want to capture them. On the wedding day itself we often capture both candids as well as taking the time to create beautiful portraits. We never mind stopping to take the time and capture individual families and big extended families. I feel like that's one of the treasures of a family wedding - being all together in one place.

Immediate family photographs happen throughout the day. Here are some examples:

*Mom helping the bride get ready 

*Dad or brother or sister helping the groom put on a boutinnere or fix a bowtie

*Mom and Bride (and sometimes Dad and Bride) having a moment once she's all dressed and ready 

*Portraits pre-ceremony with Bride with her parents, Bride with her siblings. Groom with his parents, groom with his siblings

*Family Photographs: This is usually right before or directly following the ceremony - we create this list together and I run a tight ship of getting through this list in 30 min or less. It can be as extensive as all FOUR extended families, Grandparents, Both Immediate families, Siblings, and Parents with Bride and Groom or it can be as simple as Two Immediate family photographs

*Often when siblings are in the bridal party this allows for individual photographs with their sibling (be it Bride or Groom) as well as sibling groups together

Other Extended Family or Special Relationships:

*Grandparents arriving to the ceremony

*Extended family greeting one another joyfully ("I haven't seen you in years!")

*Extended family partaking in the ceremony (grandparents being seated, etc)

*Family Photographs: (see above) We can include whomever you want!

*Reception: The reception is a great place to request other important photographs you'd like to capture. The number one I suggest is a Sibling Photo for your parents! Does Mom have 3 sisters that are all at the wedding? What a special time to get a sibling shot of her and her sisters! Do you have 20 crazy cousins that you grew up with and want to capture a group shot? No problem!

It's YOUR WEDDING and FAMILY is such an important part of who you are. I'm here to capture that! Have questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you! In the meantime enjoy some of these real wedding family interactions/portraits!