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Some travel inspiration - and my own photo session


It's become a regular tradition in our family to take some time away from a very busy shooting schedule and get away in March. It works well with Michigan winters, as March seems to be the breaking point of cabin fever and desire for some sunshine. It's also been important to me to reconnect with my husband and my family as I work many many nights and weekends throughout the spring/summer/fall. They are first and foremost in my life and despite the busyness making connections with them a priority means the world to me.

Traveling for me is like a breath of fresh air. An ideal day for me in a new place is a chance to walk slowly, day dream about living in the place we happen to be, eat local delicious food, and take pictures without anyone directing it. 

I just got back from a relaxing and wonderful trip to Paris and Amsterdam. We had been to Paris a few times so our "to see" list was shorter than normal and we were able to stroll a little bit slower and take longer times to linger. It reminds me of this quote from a book I read during the journey (The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah)

On a whim, I sent a quick email to one of our favorite travel photographers, Mary Quincy before we left for Paris. Maybe just maybe she'd be able to do a portrait session for my husband and I? We were celebrating our upcoming 15th anniversary. I photograph couples all year long and the most important couple is us. I really hoped we could work something out for a session.

To my delight Mary was available and very accommodating. We had such a wonderful time with her, I would highly recommend you contact her if you're ever there (or someplace else, she travels quite a bit!). Mary had us meet her in Montmartre at sunrise on a sleepy Saturday morning. Being in front of the camera isn't something that I'm super comfortable doing, but Mary helped our nerves. She knew the best spots and WOW did we have a gorgeous morning - bright sun in the Parisan sky illuminating Sacre-Coeur behind us.

Thank you, Mary Quincy, from the bottom of our hearts for taking some photographs for us. She also took a few of just me and I'm so grateful. THANK YOU!!!!!! 

*more posts with my travel photos very soon!*