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Michigan Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Portrait Photographer

2018: Behind the Scenes

If you follow along on instagram and we know so many of you do (thank you!) you know that this has been in the works.

The end of December and January usually hit me with a wave of unbelievable nostalgia. What have I done in the last year? What’s been memorable? How many lives have we captured? Moments? Amazing things? Let me tell you - SO SO MANY. And I’m SO SO GRATEFUL. So without further ado - our yearly behind the scenes review of Melanie Reyes Photography:

In a few short words here have been the super high notes of 2018 (photography and business wise):

*A backpacking trip through Camino de Santiago (Way of St James) in Spain with my husband. Just me and him. I bought a camera clip to clip onto my backpack with just one camera and one lens (35mm). I was pretty happy with the arrangement. It caused bruises as it rubbed as we walked 12-18 miles a day - but let me tell you it wasn’t the only thing that was sore, ha! I knew I would have hated not having my camera and I was right. I love having those images of such an amazing time.

*I also was able to travel with my husband and one of our sons to Malta, Rome and London with 2 lenses in tow (35mm and 135mm). That was an amazing time as well and if you ever want to see some of my travel photos EMAIL ME! I’d be happy to share! There is even talk of them being on display in Ann Arbor this coming year!

*Capturing 28 Weddings!

*Capturing 5 Bar or Bat Mitzvahs!

*Capturing 118 Portrait Sessions!

*Taking part in a Stake Out for a Proposal in The Arb, what fun! (yay nikki+dan!)

*Starting a new Business: LOVE LUNDI (Lundi is MONDAY in French. I’m a crazy person that LOVES Mondays. I love being a business owner and I love cheering other business owners on! Enter LOVE LUNDI - where as a business we capture other businesses and their owners helping them have social media content that really reflects their brands. Through it all we also try to share our LOVE for MONDAYS.

*Capturing my own cousin’s wedding in Schenectady, NY - what a special event and so happy to be there AND document it!

And through it all as a photographer I find myself in so many odd, random, fun, and wild roles including but not limited to:

Veil Helper - Buttoner - Coat Holder - Boutonnière Pinner - Umbrella Provider - Baby Whisperer - Friend Haver - Light Tester - Couples Poser - Funny Maker - Proposal Stakeout-er - Dress Fluffer - Child Chaser -

What a job, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Amazing thanks to the beautiful people in my life who have second shot/assisted with me this year: The ever present and beautiful friend: Deana. As well as these folks who I loved working with: Kerby, Fiona, Dustin, Heather, Lily, and Francesca. Cheers to the New Year!