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How We Capture Events


I recently wrote up about his fleeting moment that I captured of my second photographer (Deana!) last weekend at a wedding. It resonated so much with my mind and heart that I thought it was worth blogging about and creating a space to be shared permanently on our little home on the web.

What I want to communicate most of all is that WE LOVE OUR WORK. We don’t take it for granted. The fact that we get to joyfully show up at your life event IS NOT LOST ON US. It’s a great honor and a privilege and we hope that shines through whenever you see us working.

This little moment that I captured as we approached @frutig_farms (Frutig Farms - the Valley) to start last Saturday’s wedding day makes me ridiculously happy. This is Deana working hard as ever (which I love about her) but also captures the spirit of who we are as a team. We always strive to:

  • Know our clients well

  • Hear and celebrate your story

  • Know and meet your photo needs

  • Introduce ourselves to your parents and grandparents to make sure they have the photos they want as well

  • Go above and beyond (need a glass of water? Need help finding that lost uncle who wandered off during portraits? Discreetly set out another place setting when one was missed?)

  • Memorize and know everyone’s names in your family and bridal party. THIS IS NO JOKE. We show up mentally ready to practice and memorize each and every single name. Names are so important it’s the first step in establishing a great rapport.

  • We think being kind and friendly is important. Wedding days are super happy occasions but there’s also a fair amount of stress. We try to communicate calm and confidence when things don’t go exactly as planned. We’ve been to hundreds of weddings and we know what’s most important – walking away at the end of the day married.