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A Gorgeous Post-Wedding Bride & Groom Session

In nine years of being a wedding photographer I've never had the occasion to photograph a bride and groom all dressed up again, after their wedding. The opportunity presented itself last month. Rachel and Nick had just arrived back from Italy/Greece honeymoon and we picked a gorgeous summer night to just get together for one hour at the spot of their wedding to take some relaxed portraits of the two of them. I am completely in love with what we created and how they turned out.

I'll be honest I was surprised at what a difference it made to have this session post wedding -

*We weren't rushed! (no rushing back into the reception, feeling hurried as people waited for us)

*The couple themselves were so calm, happy, and without a care. We truly were in the moment - creating beautiful art for the bride and groom. They had some fun newlywed banter - truly comfortable with one another and quick to tease and laugh together. The only thing to get to afterwards - a pizza and an evening together for the newlyweds. Perfection.

*I also was surprised how much I loved the relaxed feeling of the shoot. Rachel showed up in a gorgeous braided hair do (that she did herself!), she mentioned she couldn't find her wedding jewelry but that was okay -she found some nice pieces and wore them (and I loved them!).

I'm still churning in my brain how to create this kind of relaxed space in a busy wedding day to keep the bride and groom relaxed and comfortable to create similarly sweet and gorgeous images. Often this can be the moment where we try to sneak out for sunset - walking away from the busyness of the day for a moment for just bride and groom - and it creates that beautiful relaxed portraits that I love. Of course, if another post-wedding commission came my way - I would be happy too. 

Happy Friday! Love, Melanie

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