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Tip Tuesday: Choosing Where to Get Ready on Your Wedding Day

Tip Tuesday: Where to Get Ready on Your Wedding Day.

Choosing where you get ready on your wedding day is important. A couple things to consider:

*Logistics: (this is the most obvious and probably the most thought about, but don't stop at this step!) How close do you want to be to the ceremony location? What transportation will you need? Will guys and girls be getting ready in different locations and how complicated/easy will that be?

*Meaningful: Choosing a location that's meaningful to you can be a beautiful way to capture this special moment in your life. Some ideas: getting ready at your childhood/parents home, getting ready at your shared home or where you'll come home as husband and wife can be very special.

*Asthetics: This is probably the least thought about consideration and to me as a photographer one of the most important. An ugly hotel room? A church basement with no light? Did the church give you the nursery with cribs and toys all around? We've seen it all. Often as a photographer it's a challenge we rise to (or get the bride outside and avoid the given room). We also often arrive and once the bridesmaids or groomsmen are ready we encourage them to pack up their stuff both so that they're ready to get to the ceremony but also to declutter the space. Above all - natural light and clean spaces allow for beautiful portraits and well captured moments.

I hope that's helpful! If you have any questions or need some suggestions or want to look through some galleries, email me! We love to discuss all things wedding.

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